Statutes of InterDanube network

1. The service provider

1.1. The service provider's name: E-2000-Consult Kft.

1.2. The service provider's seat and his address: 1157 Budapest, Zsókavár utca 38. VII/27.

1.3. The service provider's address of electronic correspondence:

1.4. The title of the service: InterDanube Network (IDN)

2. Aims, activities

InterDanube Network’s task is to create and run the network in the Lower Danube region for the joined partners. For this reason IDN

  • 1. helps the communication and cooperation of the regional transportation, shipping, logistic and nautical groups
  • 2. helps the development of the domain, the increase of the traffic and the strengthening of the partners' market position by organization professional groups, networks and contacts,
  • 3. helps the formation of internal and international business contacts
  • 4. transmits the informations in conformity with the regional economic trends in events and in publications,
  • 5. undertakes a role in the preparation of strategic decisions,
  • 6. works for the development of the professional culture and a qualitative view.

The aim of IDN is to become a professional network of high quality for ethical experts and business companies mainly in transportation, shipping, logistic and nautical shpere of activity in the Lower Danube region, to become a network of satisfied Partners.

3. Partners

Any business enterprise, organization or private person, whose activity is linked to the Lower Danube traffic may become an IDN Partner. The filling in of the application form is necessary to the registration. If the Partner is a legal entity, he has to name the natural person in the application form, who will represent him in IDN within a full jurisdiction. IDN must be informed about the changes concerning the representation promptly and in writing.

Supporter can be any business company, organization or private person, whose activity is not linked to the Danube shipping, but who wants to support it.

3.1. Network fee

3.1.1. After posting the application form the Partner is obliged to settle the network fee within 30 days counting from IDN’s written call. You can read about the network fees in the Annex No.I.

3.1.2. The memebership starts in the day of the settlement of the network fee, it is valid for 12 months, and it is automatically renewed unless the partner preannounces his intention of the suspension of membership within 30 days before the expiry date in the accession year or in any other year. After the deadline the partner is obliged to settle the network fee.

3.1.3. If the Partner does not settle the network fee within thirty days counting from the date of demand of payment, he will be in default, and he will not be authorized to any kind of IDN service until the date he discharges his duty.

3.1.4. After the deadline mentioned in the article 3.1.3. the Partner in default will be requested by IDN in a recommended letter to settle the due network fee. If he does not satisfy his payment liability within thirty days after the receipt of the reminder, his membership in IDN will be canceled automatically, but the preceding overdue network fees must be settled as well.

4. The partners' rights and obligations

4.1. The partners, if they satisfied their obligations, are authorized:

4.1.1. to take advantage of IDN services and to take part in the activity of IDN respecting the conditions defined by IDN’s Statutes

4.1.2. to exercise all the rights mentioned in the present Statutes and in other regulations of IDN; to send written requests to IDN’s service provider concerning IDN’s activity.

4.2 The Partners are obliged:

4.2.1. to pay an annual fee according to the article 3.1.

4.2.2. to observe the principles, rules and regulations written in the Statutes and in other regulations of IDN without reserve

5. The ceasing of the membership

5.1. The partner’s membership in IDN ends, if:

5.1.1. the private person Partner dies, or he is forbidden from the legal practice;

5.1.2. in case of the legal entity Partner,by its ceasing without a legal successor or liquidation;

5.1.3. the Partner is bankrupt, is under winding-up procedure or in any other liquidation;

5.1.4. in case of omission of the settlement of membership fee according to the article 3.1.4.

5.2. The membership in IDN ends, if the Partner sends his renouncement to IDN’s service provider in a recommended letter according to the article 3.1.2. In this case the membership comes to an end in the day after the receipt of the renouncement by IDN.

5.3. IDN may order the ceasing the Partner’s memebership who violates his obligations seriously, or behaves in a way which offends IDN’s honour or reputation, or impedes the realisation his objectives. This kind of measure must be given in reasoned form and the Partner must be informed in a recommended letter. The Partner, whose membership’s ceasing was ordered, can lodge an appeal within 15 days after the receipt of the letter on the subject.

5.4. The ceasing of the membership for any reasons involves automatically neither the repayment of the network fee, either in part or as a whole, nor the ceasing of the obligation of overdue annual fee’s settlement.

6. Data protection

You can read about our principles of data protection in detail in the Annex No.2.


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